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August 08, 2006


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Catherine Ross

Love the look and sound of this salad! I have to admit, I'm a big fan of Nigella's watermelon and feta and also blueberries and feta.


I like fresh baby spinach with fresh orange segments and walnuts and feta with a vinegrette made with orange juice. it's very good.


I just made a salad the other day with orange segments and orange dressing, but I love pears and apples in salad as well. Here's the link the salad with oranges

PS. I really enjoy your photography.


Hello. I've been lurking about your site for a while and enjoy your recipes and the presentation.
You do such a beautiful job that I want to try all your recipes.
Can you tell me what I can use in the States in place of the Haloumi cheese? Do you add mint to the cheese? Thanks,


maybe it's just me, i think i like watermelons so much i don't want to taste anything else next to them.
But i haven't tried blueberries with feta, just with blue cheeses, but yes feta, why not?!

it sounds great, yummy and fragrant!

i saw your salad, it is gorgeous.
thank you for reading.

people from Cyprus -where haloumi comes from- are going to hate me for saying this, but when i can't find it, i replace it with mozzarella. I don't add mint. i know you can find it with mint in supermarkets, people say it adds taste.
If you fry the cheese, because usually it is fried (it doesn't melt), you can add it afterwards.


Even your non-cookable foods look delicious...I like mandarine organes in salads, but you likely already know this.


a-ha! my absolute favourite is your absolute worst huh? ;)


I like oriental salads that have mandarin along with the greens and some sort of a sesame-soy dressing and fried wonton wrapper. Or also pear slices pan fried with some sugar and butter with arugula and bleu cheese. Or a classic Waldorf which has apples...

Thanks for answering the question on haloumi...I was wondering that as well :)


Great! Thanks for the recipe... I will try it. I just have a questions: "How do you spell the name of the cheese? I have seen both halloumi and haloumi... which is the correct one?"


I will try your salad. I have mint in the back yard.
I tend to make salads with whatever I have around & mostly the results are good.
You are such a good photographer!
I hope the heat diminishes where you are. What would get me even more than the heat would be the air pollution, which seems to be everywhere in Europe now, much worse than when we lived there.


This picture looks like a 'still life' painting. Gorgeous colours. I never used haloumi in a salad before. Not something you can get on every corner here in Holland.But I will bicycle a little bit further for it if it means I can make such an eye catching salad.


Favorite vegetable and fruit combination? Good question. Celery pairs well with just about anything, but I guess my choice would be celery and pear or apple. The other day, however, I found what looked like mutant strawberry growing inside a green pepper, so I am working on that pairing. . .

Lovely photos, beautiful blog!

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